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Gabdinara 14 days ago

Sausage Sampler (4)

I was in Solvang with my parents for a visit and my dad got a sudden craving for Danish sausages and beer and within an hour of his craving, we stumbled upon this gem of an establishment. First, a very friendly woman took our order - she was kind, had great suggestions, and was not at all frazzled by the long line quickly forming during the lunch hour. My dad and I shared a Sausage Sampler (4) and got the Rod Polse, Hot Italian, Bratwurst, and the Kielbasa. We got a potato salad on the side and I ordered the Veltins Pilsener while my dad got the Weihenstephaner Original. My mom is on a diet so she ordered the Mexican Chipotle veggie sausage and the beet and arugula salad and an ice tea. All the food was fantastic but the standout sausages for me were the Rod Polse and the Kielbasa (maybe it's my Eastern European roots speaking!). They were bursting with flavor! I expected the Hot Italian to be the most flavorful sausage but I actually thought it stood out less. As a big meat eater, I was surprised by how good the veggie sausage was. It tasted a little bit like rye bread but meaty nevertheless! The arugula and beet salad was amazing - great dressing, generous portion of beets, and the walnuts were a wonderful addition. As far as the beers go, I preferred the Weihenstephaner to my Pilsener but the Pilsener is a solid, refreshing summer option as well. I also want to point out how incredible and vast the selection of sides and sauces was - I was overwhelmed by the variety and didn't even try every sauce in the end. I am so pleased by the quality of the food, the amazing service, and the ambience. Highly recommend CSG!

Kiminbend about 1 month ago

Rod Polse

Awesome!! The closest to the "real thing" in the USA. Each time I visit Denmark, my first stop is at a pølsevogn for a rød pølse! I live in Oregon, however, grew up in Solvang. A lovely addition to my hometown.

Michael.Hoch about 1 month ago

Rod Polse

I've had multiple of those danish hot dogs in Danmark and Germany and also one of them in Copenhagen itself (soo yummy) and can attest that their original Polse hot dog is as close as it gets to the original taste wise. While the originals are somewhat smaller (bun, sausage, fried onion pieces) and I remember the sauce is served on it, with honey mustard and ketchup my tastebuds were flooded with memories of the original. We also had a hot dog with Bratwurst, Bockwurst: no complaints; and the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier: very good. I reason to go back to Solvang.

Ginaamador 24 days ago

Hot Italian

I heard about this place from the (cityofsolvang) instagram. I live locally and was just looking for something to do on sunday. We headed down to solvang to try this place. I got the hot italian and my boyfriend got the Bratwurst. We also got 2 beers. It was hard to pick because there was so many choices of sausages and beer. We had a fun time sitting out on the patio and enjoying the other people around us. We will be coming back.

Rodndtube about 1 month ago


All around great atmosphere and presentation. Sausages are the real thing. Great beer selection on tap and bottles, outstanding selection of German biers (can't say enough about that!). The Bavarian pretzel is authentic (i.e., it is not greasy or buttered, crisp and easy to chew like a good piece of French bread).

Brendajliller about 2 months ago


They have the best Bratwurst I've ever tasted. Friendly staff and good food .


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